10 Tips in Styling Your Round Mirror

10 Tips in Styling Your Round Mirror

Mirrors have become an integral part of room decor. They create the illusion of a bigger space, which is imperative for compact areas. And there’s the functional component because you need mirrors to see how you look.

Different sizes, shapes, and colors are available. It ensures you’ll find the ideal unit for any area. Although rectangular shapes have started it all, a round mirror is getting more popular. Styling it isn’t easy, but the good news is you can pick from different frames and details. If you need tips, here’s how to fit round mirrors into your décor!


What Are the Top Tips for Styling Round Mirrors?

Before continuing to styling tips, here are the benefits of having a round mirror:

  • Make a room seem bigger. Magicians use mirrors to trick viewers. You’ll do the same with visitors to your compact spaces. A mirror will ensure they look bigger than the actual size.

  • Add extra light. You’d like a brighter room but are having problems with illumination sources. If there’s not much natural sunlight, use a mirror to reflect it.

  • Make the room seem calmer. Straight lines might be modern and minimalistic, but people see contours as gentle shapes. You can't go wrong with round mirrors if you need a calm and serene atmosphere.

If you have set your mind on this accessory, check out the following suggestions for placing it in any area!


1. Place a Large Round Mirror in the Hallway

Black Round Mirror Round Bathroom mirrors Large Circle Wall Mirror  Stainless Steel Metal Frame with Thickness 1" to 3" Design – Moon Mirror

This idea is perfect if your home has an entrance area. Placing an oversized mirror in the hallway comes with multiple benefits. First, it’ll allow for the last confirmation of your appearance before heading outside. Next, it’ll provide an illusion of space, especially if the holiday is compact. And finally, you’ll impress visitors with the effort you put into designing the entryway.

Experts don’t recommend a floor mirror in this area. It’ll seem like it stands out and doesn’t fit the décor. Instead, a gold wall mirror is a better fit. The classy but tasteful frame will fit well with an area rug and some plant decorations. Keep the rest of the design simple and let the mirror be the focal point.

2. Be Brave in Small Spaces

The Best Bathroom Mirrors With Built-in LED Lights

You might have a small bathroom, especially the one designed for guests. Placing a mirror is the old-school way of creating an illusion of space. But consider adding a modern touch with a bold design. The experts suggest using wallpaper with a creative pattern. 

Depending on your preferred style, use bold colors like purple or blue. The pattern could be modern or even funny and cheeky. An unusual design will attract attention, but don’t forget the basics. For example, you can place a mirror in the room’s corner and add lighting next to it. An integrated sink is an excellent space-saver, and you can use hooks for hanging towels and essentials.

3. Add Softness to an Industrial Design

Round Industrial Design Wall Mirror | Round wall mirror, Mirror wall, Round  mirror bathroom

If you are an industrial design fan, round mirrors are right up your alley. Imagine having a bathroom with an industrial backdrop. It includes lighting with a cable that hangs from the ceiling, brass fixtures, etc. 

The design is attractive but lacks that soft and gentle touch. A round mirror hanging on the wall is the addition this décor requires. Don’t go with golden colors, but pick a unit with a nickel finish. It’ll fit the industrial design better. And you don’t have to limit yourself to the bathroom. The accessory will work well in any area where you go with an industrial design.

4. Use a Wood Finish for Your Living Room

Union Rustic Neva Rustic Accent Mirror & Reviews | Wayfair

If you add a mirror to your living room, don’t go with oversized units. An average width or diameter of approximately 30 inches would be enough. And it’s best if you go with a design that doesn’t immediately remind people of a mirror.

A wooden finish, such as a walnut frame, could be the perfect fit for your living room. You could place the mirror on a cabinet, along with fixtures like lamps and decorative pieces. The unit won’t be a focal point, but it’ll help make a design statement. Wooden finishes fit traditional decors better, but you can mix them with modern ones. Pick contemporary furniture pieces, but combine them with a classic mirror and decorative items.

5. Pick a Unique Urchin Spine Frame

Brown Sea Urchin Spines- Natural SHells on a Circular Mirror

A classic gold mirror is a timeless piece, but also one you see too often. If you love going with a unique style, the secret lies in original frames. For example, an urchin spine mirror could be a fine addition to many homes. If you live by the water or want a décor that reminds you of the seaside, this unit is an excellent choice.

The great part is that some manufacturers use natural urchin spine shells. They add it to the frame individually to ensure you have a unique modern mirror. The item fits best in living rooms or other areas with frequent traffic. You want the original design to attract attention, so put it in a visible position.

6. Make It Look Like the Mirror Is Hanging

Wall Mirrors - Metal Rope Wall Mirror - Mocome Decor

Here’s another trick that delivers an unusual design. You can pick a mirror with an extension to the frame that looks like the unit is hanging on the wall. If you only need a small item, you can actually go with this method. Hammer a nail into the wall and hang the mirror. However, please note this is unsafe, especially for large pieces. You shouldn’t undermine the risk of the mirror falling down and breaking.

That’s why experts suggest connecting the mirror to the wall better. The extension strap will only create the illusion the mirror is hanging. If you get creative enough, it could seem like the wall is wearing a necklace. Don’t hesitate to go with unique frames. For example, a leather mirror can make a glorious accent. It delivers a rich appearance and spices up traditional décor.

7. Combine a Round Mirror with a Rectangular Frame

Wood and Metal Framed Round Industrial Mirror | Kirklands Home

Are you having second thoughts about the desired shape? If yes, how about combining the two classic options? Rectangular shapes are a better fit for a gold floor mirror. Round options are more suitable for walls. 

Some manufacturers deliver the best of both worlds. The idea is to combine a round mirror with a rectangular frame. You can go with standard or oversized units. But you shouldn’t pick small mirrors since the round shape might become unnoticeable. While the frame is rectangular, feel free to choose a pattern. Whether it’s a gold color or another alternative, it’s a great way to boost the décor.

8. Place It Close to the Ceiling

Ideas for Decorating Your Home With Mirrors - The Zhush

The initial idea is that you want an option to observe yourself in the mirror. But this accessory could be a fine fit for the décor even if placed close to the ceiling. It’s an excellent choice if you have stairs that lead to another floor above. A tall mirror position is great if you have a high ceiling.

You’ll need some design creativity to ensure nothing stands out from the décor. One idea is to put the mirror above the entrance or the exit into the garden. You need other tall decorative pieces, so pick a tropical tree or use different wall colors. Aim for the mirror to be visible when walking down the stairs for an added effect.

9. Use Plants to Decorate the Space Around the Mirror

Entryway mirror and indoor plants 🍃 | Espelho

You don’t like unusual designs and prefer a simple and functional mirror. If that’s your style, you can spice up the area with some plants. Hang a wooden board or even wrap the pipe above the mirror with a vine. Place several pots with decorative plants next to the mirror.

The experts don’t recommend this design for the bathroom. It’s a better fit for bedrooms or areas where guests would sleep. You could place the mirror over the big dresser and maximize its functionality.

10. Use the Backdrop to Make the Mirror Stand Out

Origins Living City Round Mirror 600mm - Black | Drench

You can use the contrast to your advantage by adding a dark backdrop around the mirror. It’s excellent for bathrooms since it spices up the décor while making the space bigger. You need an oversized accessory and a wall that extends at least 20 inches to every mirror’s edge. It’s best to pick a unit without a frame to avoid it attracting attention.

The backdrop doesn’t have to feature only one color. You are welcome to place tiles or wallpaper with a unique pattern. However, make sure the walls that the mirror reflects remain in a neutral tone. Otherwise, you risk taking it too far with the design. The secret lies in keeping things simple with a single unique touch. And the backdrop is what guarantees that power punch with this design.


Final Thoughts

While you don’t want to exaggerate, it’s fine to have multiple mirrors inside your home. It’s necessary to have one in the bathroom since its functional characteristics are necessary. You can place an oversized round mirror in the hallway. Apart from impressing visitors, it allows checking yourself out before heading outside.

Round mirrors come with different frames and can fit contemporary and classic decors. The easiest way is to order them online. You’ll have them delivered to your doorstep, so there’s no need to worry about breaking them during transport. Don’t hesitate to find your favorite mirror and spice up your home décor today!