5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dresser Mirror

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dresser Mirror

Dressers are not required to have mirrors. It has been very popular in the past, but some people prefer not to include mirrors. A dresser mirror might not be a necessity, but it offers a wide range of benefits that not a lot of homeowners know.

If you are planning to buy a mirror for your dresser, you need to know a few things about the benefits that it can offer.


What You Should Consider Before Buying a Dresser Mirror

1. Size

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The size of the dresser is extremely important before you start buying. You cannot put a large dresser in a small room. Even if it has a mirror that can visually increase the size of the area, the truth is that the space is still lacking.

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the space that you want to allocate to the dresser. Get a measuring tape and check the dimensions of the dresser that you are looking for.

Once you’ve found the area where you want to place it and you've already got the measurements, it will serve as your guide when hunting for a dresser. Remember that you can only choose a dresser that has the same dimensions or is smaller. If you go bigger, the dresser will take up the remaining space in the bedroom.

2. Design

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Dressers come in a wide variety of designs. There are models with a traditional look and appeal. This is usually a good pick if your bedroom has a traditional vibe. This type of dresser has a lot of curves and designs on the surface, so it’s very easy to know that it is a traditional model.

There are also dressers with a minimalist look or a modern vibe. They are very simple and they don’t have any unnecessary designs on the surface. This is a good choice if you want simplicity in your bedroom.

Always remember that choosing the design of a dresser will depend on the current look of your room. Don’t buy anything that would ruin the mood of your bedroom. Make sure that it would complement your room or bring a bit of contrast.

3. Purpose of the Dresser

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When buying a dresser, it’s not always about the design. Most homeowners buy dressers because they need them for their functionality. Why do you need a dresser in your room? Are you planning to store some of your things inside? What items are you planning to put inside the dresser?

If you plan to put your clothes inside, you might need something bigger. As the name implies, it is a place to store dresses and shirts so you need a lot of space to put your things inside.

There are also people who only buy dressers to place their personal items. You can put your beauty kits inside and other electrical appliances that you are using when you’re doing your makeup. For this type of dresser, you need a bigger mirror instead of storage space.

4. Quality

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You should always focus on quality more than anything else. While the appearance of the dresser is important, making sure that it would last for a long time should be a top priority as well. Even if the dresser looks absolutely stunning, you should never buy it if the quality of the wood is not good.

A good dresser always has strong legs and sturdy joineries. Make sure that you check the drawers as well. You can easily find out if the drawer guides are cheap because they are not operating smoothly. High-quality dressers would cost more, but it is a better deal than buying cheap items that would get damaged in just a few months.

5. Cost

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We’ve mentioned quality when you are looking for a dresser, but it doesn’t mean that you can just buy the most expensive one on the market. There are simple ways to find a good dresser without breaking the bank.

Do a bit of research on the dresser that you want to buy. It is better to look for different shops so you can find a cheaper option. Remember that the price of the dresser will also depend on the seller so a particular model might be more expensive in a specific shop and it is cheaper in another shop.

Look for better deals and discounts. When you’re buying online, you can get a lot of vouchers and discounts. You might even get free shipping for the item that you’re buying. Since dressers are big, shipping might cost a lot. Look for a shop that can offer discounts on shipping or vouchers that would give you free shipping.

Always work within your budget. It’s not a good idea to spend more than what you can pay for. Set a budget for the dresser and start looking for models that would fit the budget that you set.


Benefits of a Dresser Mirror

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1. Brighten Your Room

One of the best benefits of having a mirror in your dresser is its ability to reflect natural or artificial light, making your room brighter. Yes, a normal mirror can do the same thing, but it can offer other benefits aside from this. This is more like a default benefit if you have a mirror in your room.

This type of mirror can also brighten the dark spaces in your room that natural or artificial light can’t reach. You can do this without worrying about your electricity bills.

2. Make Your Room Look Larger

A vertical mirror can make your room look bigger and a dresser mirror can do the same thing. Because of its reflective capability, your room will look visually larger than it actually is. Even if you have a small room, your guests will have the notion that the room is actually spacey.

Mirrors can create the illusion of more space, which is why most bathrooms have them. Bathrooms are very small so mirrors can make them look bigger. This is a perfect choice if you don’t have a large bedroom and you want the space to look larger.

3. More Affordable

Most of you might say that it is better to get a combination of a mirror and a dresser instead of buying them separately. Well, a typical dresser without a mirror is more affordable. As for the mirror, you don’t need to buy something expensive. You can buy a cheap mirror and use a bit of your creativity to add some designs to the frame.

Take note that designing the mirror can be done without buying expensive decorations. You can recycle some of the items in your room or garage to create a unique design for the natural mirror.

4. Easy Maintenance

It’s not a big deal to have a mirror in your dresser since it doesn’t take up too much space unless you plan to hang a painting on top of the cabinet. Mirrors are very easy to clean. You just need to wipe the surface with a soft cloth from time to time to remove the dust and fingerprints.

You can also use warm water to remove any debris on the surface. Never use anything that can scratch the surface of the mirror. If there is any debris that is too hard to remove, there are specific cleaners that you can buy that are made for cleaning mirrors.

5. Comes in Different Designs

Dresser mirrors come in a wide variety of designs. Most people would buy a dresser with a mirror as they won’t have to think of a good design for the mirror. However, if you want to be more creative, buying them separately will allow you to find amazing design combinations that you never knew were possible.

If you’re buying a white dresser, you can introduce contrast by getting a black or gray frame for the mirror. You can stick with a white mirror if you want to complement the design of the dresser.

You can also go with natural wood for the frame of the mirror. Using other colors and designs would work as long as it fits perfectly with the dresser and the other furniture in your room.

6. Improves Visual Appeal of the Room

A dresser without a mirror is plain and bland. It looks great, but something is missing. You might add a few décors at the top of the dresser, but nothing beats a simple mirror. Adding a mirror can significantly improve the aesthetic of your room as they offer a clean and elegant appearance. If you prefer a minimalistic design, adding a mirror to your dresser would be a good start.

7. Functionality

Mirrors are not only considered as designs in your bedroom. You can use them when you’re doing your makeup and they can even enhance the effects of lighting inside your room. Since the mirror reflects light, you can expect that your bedroom will become brighter because of the mirror.


Final Thoughts

Buying a dresser mirror is not really too difficult since the features are pretty straightforward. There are no technical details that you need to check so you can easily understand what you need when you do your research. Spend a bit of your time checking out the details of the dresser before you buy it so you can make sure that it is the one that you’re looking for.

If you want to look for the most stunning dresser mirrors for your room, we have a lot of items that you can check.