8 Decorative Wall Mirrors to Fill That Empty Space in Your Wall

8 Decorative Wall Mirrors to Fill That Empty Space in Your Wall

Having a home that looks intentional is essential. To do that, you want decor planned throughout the house. This means fewer empty spaces on the walls. One of our favorite ways to fill open spaces is with a mirror. There are plenty of ways to incorporate mirrors into your home. For example, you can include a decorative mirror, such as a scalloped mirror, for visual interest. This article will help provide a list of our favorite mirrors for you to decorate your home. 


Decorative Wall Mirrors

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Did you know that mirrors have several benefits in your design plans? Before sharing our favorite mirrors with you, we will share the top benefits of adding a mirror to your space. You’ll be eager to decorate with mirrors by the end of this article. 


Benefits of Mirrors

There are so many benefits of adding mirrors to your home. They act as both a design element and a practical tool. We will share our top six reasons for adding a mirror to your space. 

  • Practicality

Have you ever wanted to check your outfit before leaving home to ensure the creases are out of your shirt? Have you tried to ensure that your hair is free of flyaway and your lipstick is placed where it should be? To do this, you need a mirror. 

There is a level of practicality to mirrors. You can use mirrors to check your appearance. This will help skyrocket your confidence and make you feel good! 

  • Safety

Feeling safe in your own home is essential. Adding pieces to your home that can provide safety enhances your investment. Mirrors can do this. Mirrors give you vision in places that you wouldn’t normally have. With mirrors, you can have a 360-degree view of your home that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

For many people, mirrors make them feel safer. This small design hack can add additional security to your home. It’s not something many people think about when purchasing this piece. However, it makes a big difference for many homeowners. 

  • Adds Brightness

Do you live in a space with limited brightness? If you find that natural light isn’t plentiful, a mirror can help with that. Natural light can quickly open up a room and make it feel airier. You’ll want to place a mirror opposite a light source to do this. For example, your mirror would face the window in your home. Light will then reflect off of the mirror. This will make the entire space feel brighter. 

This is especially useful in spaces that are smaller or have darker colors or accents. 

  • Adds Space

Not only can a mirror add brightness, but it can add space too! If you have a smaller home, then a mirror can make it feel bigger. Mirrors create an optical illusion of space. They reflect the room, making it appear more prominent in size. To make the most out of this effect, purchase a floor-length mirror or do a wall of mirrors. This will significantly impact how your space presents to guests and feels to you! 

After all, you want your house to feel like a home. By being strategic with your design efforts, you can make that happen.

  • Hides Imperfections

Let’s face it: not all walls are created perfectly. To hide these imperfections, you can hang something in front of them! Over time, it’s expected that drywall will become damaged due to hanging pictures or shifting homes. This can be a bit of an eye sore.

One of our favorite ways to do this is by adding a mirror. Out of sight, out of mind. You’ll forget about the unsightly, hidden hole in your drywall, and you’ll be left with a beautiful piece of decor that adds visual interest to your home. 


Our Top Wall Mirrors

Now that we’ve shared the benefits of mirrors with you, we’re ready to dive into our favorite wall mirrors. These wall mirrors will help make your home look more polished, intentional, and designed. 

Keep in mind that mirrors can be an investment. To protect your investment, follow these suggestions:

  • If the mirror is heavy, get a professional to hang it! We recommend reinforcing the wall for heavy pieces. Otherwise, the mirror can fall off the wall. This will result in damage to the wall and potentially a broken mirror. If you aren’t confident that you can properly secure the mirror, then hire a professional. 

  • Clean the mirror frequently. To clean, spray with a solution made of one part vinegar and four parts water. Carefully wipe the mirror from side to side with a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Do not wipe in circular motions. An excess of dust and debris over time can scratch the mirror. 

  • If you are moving, ensure that proper care is used for the mirror. Cover the glass with bubble wrap and padding. Lay the mirror flat. Do not pile objects on top of the mirror. 

1. Eternity Mirror - Gold

September 8, 2022 10:42:08 pm - Screenshot

We are swooning over this luxe and elegant Eternity Mirror. The round, gold frame features a soft antiquing finish that will look beautiful in your home. A square accent at the top makes this piece extra special. The Eternity Mirror is 50 inches tall and 48 inches wide. The frame is made from durable iron and finished with a delicate gold leaf. 

Bradshaw Orrell designs this piece. It will speak volumes to guests and is perfect in a mid-century modern home. If you’re looking for a contemporary gold mirror, this is the ideal option.

2. Orrell Mirror

September 8, 2022 10:41:30 pm - Screenshot

Our Orrell Mirror is a perfect piece for leaning up against the wall or hanging for a statement. It has a unique walnut-finished, square frame that beautifully complements any space. The glass features antiquing, which adds a layer of complexity to this piece. 

The Orrell Mirror is made out of wood and finished with antique gold leaf. At only 32 pounds, it’s versatile and can be put in many different places. This mirror is 30.8 inches high and 30.8 inches wide. 

3. Palm Leaf Mirror

September 8, 2022 10:46:02 pm - Screenshot

If you love the tropics, then we have the mirror for you! This gorgeous palm leaf mirror from Chelsea House brings the character of the sunny weather into your home. This mirror features an old-world finish that tells a story. It is 59.5 inches high, making it perfect for a full-body mirror. Made from metal, this mirror weighs 61 pounds. The unique shape and color of the frame make it ideal for anybody looking for a statement piece in their home. 

4. Hampton Mirror - Gold

September 8, 2022 10:52:06 pm - Screenshot

This shape's edginess and the antique gold-finished iron make this mirror a standout piece. This mirror by Chelsea House was designed by Jamie Merida. It is unlike anything else you’ve seen before! It stands 48 inches tall and is made out of iron. It is perfect for completing your foyer or living room. No other decor piece in your space will compete for attention with this incredibly-designed mirror. 

5. Wasden Mirror - White

September 8, 2022 10:57:36 pm - Screenshot

The Wasden Mirror is perfect for you if you want a modern flare on a round mirror. The Wasden Mirror features a starburst-like effect in a white lacquer finish on the wood frame. This mirror is 52.5 inches tall by 52.5 inches wide, making this round mirror extremely large. The modern white finish is incredible and will complement any contemporary or mid-century modern home. If you're looking to invest in a unique but timeless piece, this is it. 

6. Radison Mirror

September 8, 2022 11:03:54 pm - Screenshot

The Radison Mirror features one-of-a-kind antique mint green painted wood that will become a standout piece in any home. The edges are finished with gorgeous antique gold leaf, which adds another layer of luxury to this investment piece. 

Designed by Bradshaw Orrell, this antique mirror is 66 inches tall. It's perfect for leaning against a credenza or hanging on your wall. However, at 66 pounds, you'll want to reinforce the drywall. 

7. Flourish Mirror

September 8, 2022 11:07:03 pm - Screenshot

Bring a level of glamor to your home with our incredible Flourish Mirror! This mirror is made of iron and features a delicate floral frame which is extremely elegant. It is finished in a subtle (yet powerful) antique white paint. 

The Flourish Mirror is only 8.80 pounds and comes with a keyhole fastener for convenient and easy hanging. This is for you if you're looking for a budget-friendly yet impactful mirror!

8. Scalloped Top Mirror - Gold

September 8, 2022 11:14:37 pm - Screenshot

There is nothing more opulent than a simple, yet unique shape. This Scalloped Top Mirror is the perfect example of that! Standing 54 inches tall, this iron-framed mirror is finished in antique gold leaf. It is perfect for contemporary spaces. If you’re looking for a gold scalloped mirror that will make a statement, this one is perfect. 



This article was designed to help you find a mirror that will beautifully complement your space. Whether you’re shopping for a scalloped mirror or a gorgeous mint green piece, we can help! Mirrors help brighten a space while creating an optical illusion of a room being bigger. By adding a mirror to your home, you will reap the benefits.