8 Interior Design Tricks and Tips  for Using Rectangular Mirrors

8 Interior Design Tricks and Tips  for Using Rectangular Mirrors

More and more people are starting to understand the value of adding mirrors in the house. In the past, a rectangular mirror was only used for beauty and makeup. Today, they are being used for selfies and they are even added to your room for decorative purposes.

Mirrors can easily blend in the background and they can also be a statement piece for a specific room. They can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. There are so many ways to use a traditional mirror for designing. If you are looking for ways to beautify your space with the use of mirrors, we’ve got a few simple tips and tricks to help you out.


Designing Tips with a Rectangular Mirror

1. Create Vastness with Mirrors

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One of the best benefits of using rectangular mirrors is that you can actually use them to fill one side of the room. This is a creative way of creating vastness inside the area. Even if you only have a small room or studio, putting multiple rectangular mirrors on the wall can make it seem like the room is extremely big.

Since the mirror is reflecting the room, it will look like the area has doubled or tripled in size. One trick that you can use for this is to fill a large wardrobe with mirrors instead of the traditional wooden doors.

If you are renovating your house, you can put a sofa in the center along with a large painting or wall design. This will serve as the focal point of your room while the mirrors will do their job by making the area look big.

2. A Vanity Area in the Living Room

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This may actually come as a surprise for most people since vanities are often placed in the bathroom or inside your bedroom. It’s supposed to be a private space where you can put all your beauty items and makeup.

However, a vanity area in the living room will not serve this kind of purpose. It is meant for guests who want to touch up a bit without going to the bathroom. Now, this kind of design is only applicable to large houses because the vanity area itself may take up a considerable amount of space.

Your vanity area won’t be complete without a rectangular vanity mirror. Instead of just a simple rectangular mirror in front of the basin, you can make it bigger by putting a rectangular mirror from the floor to the ceiling. The width should only be a bit bigger than the width of your basin. Make sure to add lighting behind the mirror to create a dramatic effect.

3. DIY Rectangular Mirror

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Did you know that you can turn a regular mirror into a designer model? Yes, you don’t have to buy expensive mirrors for your home. There are regular mirrors that you can easily turn into a piece of art with a bit of creativity.

Since you need the surface to be clear, you can think of a way to add some design to the frame of the mirror. You can either create your own frame using wood or you can be more creative by using other things as a frame. Using regular sticks from outside and sticking them on the sides can create an earthly feeling to the area.

A hand-carved mirror can also be a good choice if you want something unique for your house. This type of mirror can bring a natural appeal to your bathroom or bedroom.

4. Simplicity Is the Best

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Nothing beats a simple design for your mirror. Instead of buying fancy mirrors, you can just focus on a rectangular model and add a bit of lighting at the back. Try using neutral colors like white or gray in your bathroom.

If you have a white bathroom, make sure that you have a big rectangular vanity mirror. You can even use a black and gold mirror to add a bit of contrast to the area.

5. Bigger Is Always Better10 Impressive Oversized Mirrors to Make Any Room Feel Bigger | Large mirror  living room, Living room mirrors, Mirror wall living room

When it comes to mirrors, bigger ones will always be better than smaller models. If you are using a rectangular model, make sure that you can get the biggest possible mirror for your bathroom or bedroom. One of the best ways to know the size of your mirror is to always go one size larger than you originally expected.

It is more dramatic to have a bigger mirror as it can visually expand the space. Bigger mirrors can visually increase the size of a room. Since rectangular mirrors are very popular, you should maximize the space that you have and put in a large mirror.

Even a small and cramped bathroom will look big because of a large mirror. You can install a rectangular mirror from the flooring up to the ceiling.

6. Proper Positioning Is the Key

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You cannot achieve the visual space that you want for your bathroom or bedroom without positioning your mirrors properly. It is not as simple as putting the mirrors inside. Look for a place where the mirror can effectively reflect the light.

Mirrors are often placed opposite the window. This is to make sure that the glass will reflect the light inside the bedroom and make the place look bigger. If you don’t have a large window in your room, you can simply install it near a light fixture. The light from the fixture will be reflected by the mirror, creating the illusion that your bathroom or bedroom is big.

7. Complement and Contrast

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When it comes to rectangular mirrors, there is no such thing as over-decorating. It means that you can do whatever you want with your mirror. You can be as creative as you want. Try different designs, buy different decorations, and pick different colors.

Make sure that you create a design for your mirror that would complement the existing design of the room or you can create a contrast. Always remember that your mirrors can serve as a decoration and they can also be a focal point in the space. You need to pick a design depending on how you want your mirror to appear in the bedroom or bathroom.

8. Never Hang the Mirror Too High

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This is a trick that you should only use if you don’t have a really large mirror. If you have an average-sized rectangular vanity mirror, make sure that you won’t hang it too high. Although some people are doing this, it is only because they are too tall.

For the standard height, it should only be at the same level as the lavatory and you have to make sure that you can view half of your body, including your hair.

9. Taking Care of Your Mirror

Top of mirror cleaned with microfiber cloth below mirror frame

No matter what kind of design you pick for your mirror, proper cleaning and maintenance are very important. This will guarantee that your mirrors will always look good and brand new. If you have no idea how to properly take care of your mirrors, here are a few simple tips on how to do it.

One way of taking care of your mirror is to clean it properly. The safest way to clean it is through clean, warm water applied using a soft cloth. The last thing that you want your mirror to have is scratches, so never use anything that can damage its surface. If you’re going to clean it, make sure that the edges will not remain wet for a long time. Dry the mirror right away.

Never use acidic cleaners on your mirror. Most people do this to remove stains in their mirrors. The damage will not show in just a few applications of acidic cleaners. However, if you’ve been doing it for a long time, it might even damage the backing of the mirror.

The cleaners that you’re going to use should not have heavy ammonia bases. This type of chemical can damage the edges and backing of the mirror. Remember that once the edges are damaged, they will slowly crawl to the center of the mirror until it breaks completely.

If you’re planning to use a cleaner, do not spray it directly on the mirror. You should apply it to a soft cloth first before you wipe it on your mirror. This technique will also prevent puddling at the edge of the mirror.

It’s important to clean the mirror with water, but you have to make sure that you will dry the whole mirror after cleaning it. Although the glass will not get damaged, the water might crawl to the edges and cause damage to the backing of your mirror.



All the tips and tricks mentioned above are only the basics of designing your interior with the use of a rectangular mirror. This type of mirror is extremely versatile and it is perfect for small to medium-sized houses. As long as you know what to do, creating a unique design for your home won’t be very difficult.

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