8 Tips in Using Round Mirrors in Your Home

8 Tips in Using Round Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors are a necessity around the house. You want to check your reflection while putting on makeup or before heading outside. Apart from being necessary, mirrors are vital decorative elements. They can be the focal point and spice up any area’s appearance. The trick is in knowing how to place them wisely.

This guide focuses on using a circle mirror in your home. It gathers expert tricks on where to position the accessory to use its maximum aesthetic and functional potential. Keep reading to ensure your home’s design looks flawless!


How to Use Round Mirrors Around the House?

It all starts by choosing an accessory that best fits your needs. Here’s what to consider while picking a circle mirror:

  • Size. Small units don’t have a diameter bigger than 15 inches. But if you want the mirror to be an integral area component, pick an oversized model. These should have a diameter of a minimum of 40 inches.

  • Frame and style. Some round mirrors don’t even have a circular frame. Instead, they feature rectangular or unusual patterns. Different colors and finish materials are also available, ranging from nickel to iron.

  • Price. Round mirrors could cost anywhere from $400 to over $2,500. It depends on the design, material quality, size, brand, and other factors.

The location could affect the design you’ll choose. If you still don’t know where to place a round mirror, here are the top suggestions!

1. It’s a Bathroom Necessity

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors: 8 Advantages and Disadvantages

    Nobody can imagine a bathroom without this accessory. But is a round Eternity mirror the best choice for this area? The answer is yes, although you need to pick a suitable size. While mirrors create a visual illusion that the space is bigger, an oversized unit could be a wrong selection. It’s one thing for the accessory to be the focal point and another to feel like it doesn’t belong there. So, if you have a small bathroom, don’t go with large mirrors.

    That being said, oversized units could be a perfect addition to large areas. If you have glass shower doors, place the mirror on the wall next to them. Once you finish the bathing area, the glass surfaces will visually expand the space and make it more impressive.

    A wall-hanging mirror is the best bathroom choice. Position it to properly see your face and upper body reflection. The usual placement is above the sink and as a part of the vanity setup.

    2. You Could Use a Circle Mirror in the Bedroom Too

    Where Should A Mirror Be Placed In A Bedroom? - Craftsonfire

      Do you already have a luxurious dresser that ensures a stylish touch to the entire area? A great touch to this glamorous décor would be adding a nickel mirror with a beautiful finish. You can pick an antique frame for traditional decors. Modern bedrooms are more fitting for unusual designs with bold colors.

      Placing a round mirror on the wall above the dresser has multiple benefits. The first is you can see how an outfit looks the moment you put it on and change it immediately if necessary. If you pick an oversized design, the mirror will make your bedroom look bigger and brighter. Consider capturing natural sunlight for extra lightness.

      3. Make Your Home Office Better (and Bigger)

      Mid Century Office Chair Designs

        The pandemic has led to a large increase in people working from home. Many continued this trend, which is why house offices are now common. 

        Depending on the layout, your workspace could be an entire room. It could also be a corner where you put your desk. The latter might be the perfect option for a clear mirror. Your desk is surely next to at least a single wall. Put the mirror above the desk in that position to visually increase the room’s size. 

        Apart from the whole area, your office would also look bigger. And even if you turn your back to the room, the mirror will reveal what’s happening. There won’t be nasty surprises of people sneaking behind your back, and you won’t miss important events.

        4. The Importance of Having a Mirror Next to the Exit

        Entryway Mirror Pros and Cons For Your Home | 21Oak

          Your home layout could include a hallway used to access other areas. Perhaps you immediately enter a living room. Either way, it’s a good idea to put a mirror close to the door used for exiting the house.

          The functional benefit is obvious – you can confirm your appearance is flawless when leaving the house. But there’s also the aesthetic advantage. From the moment you enter, the mirror would visually create an illusion of a bigger space to impress the visitors. 

          Floor models are a common choice, but you can also hang a round unit on the wall. If you use the latter option, create an entire decorative area. Put a cabinet or table below the wall mirror, or consider a small chest. It’ll give you space to place your keys and mail, so you don’t risk losing them. Fresh flowers would add a beautiful touch to the entryway to round up its design.

          5. How to Maximize a Round Mirror in the Living Room

          9 Reasons Your Home Needs a Round Mirror | Houzz UK

            Your living room is the main area where household members and guests would spend time. It’s your top design priority, so don’t hesitate to choose an unusual mirror. Even a circular mirror with a unique round pattern around it, such as a woven or natural urchin spine frame, can captivate attention.

            Avoid putting floor models since the living room has frequent foot traffic. You don’t want to risk anyone bumping into the mirror and breaking it. A wall model is a better choice but opt for large units. If you have two separate window areas, consider putting the mirror between them.

            The surefire way is to use the mirror to pinpoint a focal room point. For example, do you have a designer chandelier above the main seating area? Place the mirror on the wall to reflect it, and it’ll seem like the room has two. 

            Putting glass surfaces above the fireplace is another common living area choice. Invest effort in choosing a creative frame design. You want to dazzle visitors, and a superb mirror can help captivate their attention immediately!

            6. Pull the Furniture to the Same Wall

            Types of Mirrors (Styles & Designs) - Designing Idea

              Even if you have a large mirror, keeping it as the only item on the wall will make it seem bare. If you want to add a sense of completeness to the area, consider positioning some furniture below the model. For bedrooms, the logical choice would be a dresser. An antique dresser would fit perfectly with a golden mirror above it.

              You need to get more creative in the living room. Don’t hesitate to put a sofa below the mirror and arrange some patterned pillows. If the unit’s frame features only a single color, it’s a great way to jazz up the area.

              7. Combine the Mirror with Small Art Pieces

                Apart from the actual mirror position, decoration is about combining it with other elements. A potential way to go is by mixing it with small art pieces. 

                How about creating a photo collage and putting it on the wall around the mirror? If it’s the bedroom, consider putting pictures that remind you of fond memories. In other areas, consider paintings with abstract or other motifs. 

                You can mix different-sized frames, but don’t keep a straight line. The unusual arrangement is a wise idea, but try to stick to similar frame styles. For example, you might put an iron mirror on the wall. The dark color would fit well with black painting frames. The shade is an excellent choice for industrial and modern designs. Wooden frames for the artwork and mirrors could be a better option for classic decors.

                8. Use Matching Fixtures and the Power of Symmetry

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                  Those who don’t want to experiment with creative designs might look for a proven decoration path. Regardless of where you put the mirror, don’t hesitate to use the power of symmetry. For example, pick a silver frame for the bathroom. Combine that with the matching lighting fixtures on both sides. You’ll get optimal illumination when shaving or putting on makeup, and the area will look simple and attractive.

                  If you have a round floor mirror or a large wall unit, consider placing plants. The first option is putting a table and herbs in pots. The alternative is positioning tall tropical trees on the ground.


                  Final Thoughts

                  Round mirrors are more suitable for modern designs, but you can use them in any décor. They’ll go well in any room, ranging from entryways to living areas. 

                  Depending on preference and position, feel free to use a circle mirror as the focal point. If it’s the main area element, pick a high-quality model with an elegant design. The alternative is positioning a mirror as a single piece in an overall area decoration. Plants, paintings, pillows, and other items combined with the mirror will round up the appearance.

                  You can order a round mirror from an online store. The simple process ensures everything goes smoothly, and you get the item straight to your home address. Check out the available models, and don’t hesitate to order today!