9 Decoration Ideas for Mirrors Inside Your Home

9 Decoration Ideas for Mirrors Inside Your Home

It’s unfair to say mirrors are only an accessory. They can be a focal point of any section, ranging from the bathroom to living areas. Mirrors create an optical illusion the entire zone looks bigger. And there’s the functionality of seeing your reflection when putting on clothes or makeup.

Mirror decoration has gone a long way from the beginning. Homeowners don’t just place these units and enjoy their functionality. They also assess whether a floor or wall mirror would be a better fit and which shape and size would fit the chosen area. If you need guidance, this guide discusses top decoration ideas that include these accessories!


What Are the Best Decoration Ideas for Mirrors?

Your initial requirement is to find a suitable mirror. These characteristics would help you pick the right option:

  • Size. The standard wall mirror height is from 24 to 34 inches. Vanity table units could be of similar sizes, while interior closet accessories are smaller. Floor mirrors are large to ensure you can see a full-body figure. The size depends on your requirements and the desired placement.

  • Shape. Round mirrors are modern options, while rectangular designs fit classic decors. In addition, you can pick a square, landscape, vertical, and other shapes.

  • Type. Wall mirrors are the most common choice as they fit any room. Floor accessories are excellent for entryways. You can also go with dresser mirrors, antique units, etc.

  • Design and style. The frame could contain different finishes, such as nickel and gold. You can go with different colors and unique patterns.

After you consider your preferences, check out the decoration ideas below. They’ll help ensure the mirror spices up the entire area’s appearance!


1. Use a Gold Arch Design for a Luxury Touch

251 First Aster Antique Gold Arch Wall Mirror | Bellacor

The chosen mirror should depend on your preference while fitting the décor. If you have a traditional bathroom, pick luxurious and antique accessories. A silver or gold arch mirror could spice up any design. If you have a large bathroom, pick an oversized mirror. Its height should be approximately 50 inches, while the width depends on your preference.

The arch design with an antique finish will add luxury to the area. You can position the lighting above or next to the mirror. Golden fixtures and cabinet knobs can match the design and boost the room’s appearance.

2. Place a Wall Mirror Opposite the Window

How To Use Mirrors To Feng Shui Your Home - Aviara Real Estate

Here’s a tip that works for any room that has natural sunlight. Most homeowners have trouble securing sufficient illumination in an area. And actual sunlight is the best source available, so use this trick to utilize its full potential.

The idea is simple – place a mirror on the wall opposite the window. It’ll reflect the light coming into the room. That ensures extra brightness while making the room bigger. The sunlight will help the room have that natural appeal. You can spice that up with a few plants. Don’t exaggerate and use herbs in small pots, especially when decorating a bedroom.

3. Mirrors Can Be a Decorative Bedroom Element

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Don’t observe the mirror as a simple accessory with reflective characteristics. Instead, consider it a decorative element equally important as other items. A unique design and pattern are always welcome. For example, a floor mirror with sides looking like palm leaves is excellent when designing countryside homes.

You can mix a round mirror with a rectangular wooden frame for a luxurious touch. Floral and puzzle designs are intriguing. Some creators add a rope or similar element to make the mirror look like it’s hanging. The actual pattern depends on your preference, and it should be easy to show off your personal style with the mirror.

4. Make the Mirror an Art Piece

Creative Mirror Decorating Ideas – Be Creative

If you are creative and appreciate unusual designs, how about considering the mirror an actual art piece? The first approach is to create a room décor where all items are of bold and different colors. You can use shades of purple for the furniture and mix them with yellow walls while choosing blue mirrors. It’ll be like walking into your unique sweet world whenever you enter the area.

The alternative is to stick to more classic options. A textured wall with a stone-like design is an excellent start. You can combine it with a round mirror featuring a unique frame. Some manufacturers use urchin spines and other natural materials. A floral or another unique pattern could fit the textured paint well. But don’t leave the mirror hanging on the wall alone. Position a cabinet below and add some decorations. Those could be lamps, books, plants, etc.

5. A Full-Length Mirror for the Entryway

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Does your home have a hallway you use to access the living room and other areas? If yes, that’s where you want an arch mirror full length, especially if the space is narrow. The tall accessory design without the excessive width will ensure it fits easily on a single side. It’ll make the hallway look longer and bigger.

The functional benefit of having a mirror here is obvious. Once you are ready to head out, you can check if you look alright. You can fix your shirt and make minor adjustments to ensure a perfect appearance.

6. Consider What You See with the Reflection

Antique Gold Victoria Scroll Mirror | Kirklands Home

An antique mirror is ideal for traditional and round for modern decors. Of course, you need to match the accessory with furniture and other items. But it’s also about what you can see in the mirror. That especially applies if the addition is in the room’s central section.

For example, imagine you have a big table and sofas on both sides. You can position a library divided into two sections on the wall opposite the entrance. In the middle, put an electric fireplace and a large mirror above it.

This décor will impress visitors, but for a bigger effect, consider what they see in the mirror. Placing a large chandelier above the table and in line with the accessory is a wise move. The primary item visible in the reflection should be jaw-dropping. And the best part is it’ll seem like you have two of these features instead of one.

7. Match the Mirror’s Frame with the Main Room Items

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The accessory can seamlessly fit with the overall décor if you pick similar materials. For example, you could have a black metal coffee table as the central point. The same color is noticeable on the industrial lamp next to the sofa. And the picture frames on the wall are slim and black. 

If that describes your design, there’s not much room then pick a similar option for your mirror. The good news is you can choose black frames made with a nickel or similar finish. However, you should still place it to reflect natural light. It’ll add brightness to the room while ensuring the items feature a cohesive industrial look.

8. Use It As a Décor Between Two Windows

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Apartments on the upper floors often have floor-to-ceiling windows. But they might not take an entire wall. Instead, there are two separate sections with a blank space between them. That could be the perfect position for an arch mirror, especially the full-length type.

These mirrors feature a long and narrow design. They are tall to ensure they follow the windows’ dimensions. Don’t hesitate to pick a mirror with ornate details or a unique frame. It’ll spice up the overall wall design, primarily if the windows feature a simple appearance. And the room would seem even bigger, making the addition perfect.

9. Make a Stylish Table with a Leaned Mirror

Leaning Gold beveled Mirror on Rustic Trestle Console Table - Cottage -  Entrance/foyer

    If you want a beautiful and decorative living area or bedroom, a stylish table is a nice touch. You can pick thin golden legs with a long white upper surface. 

    The idea is not to complicate things and then place a mirror with an unusual frame on top. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to lean on the accessory for an extra effect. Apart from the unique frame, you can even experiment with textured glass. Add plants and homemade decorations to make this a true area of personal style.

    This creative option has a downside, as it compromises the mirror’s functionality. The leaned position means you need to come to the mirror at an angle or move it to see your reflection. However, it’ll still show the rest of the room, so the optical illusion of making it bigger will be present.


    Final Thoughts

    You shouldn’t rush when choosing mirrors for your home. Try to imagine or use a computer program to draw the room’s design. An arch design with an iron frame is excellent for traditional decors, while a nickel finish is for modern areas. You also need a position where the accessory would create an illusion of a bigger space while staying useful. 

    Whether you need a floor or wall mirror, online stores are the right place to get it. They offer a huge selection of high-quality accessories ready for delivery to your home. The purchasing process is simple, so don’t hesitate to pick a mirror and place an order right away!