Floor Mirrors A Quick Guide in 5 Minutes

Floor Mirrors: A Quick Guide in 5 Minutes

You have an important meeting today and are getting ready for it the entire morning. Before you head outside, you want to check out how your whole appearance looks. That’s where a floor mirror comes into play. This accessory allows you to check out your appearance from top to bottom. It’ll show whether you tucked the shirt or ironed the dress correctly.

If you’d like floor mirrors in your home, check out this detailed guide for more information. It’ll only take minutes to learn everything about these accessories, from types to frames and thickness. Keep reading to become an expert on these units!


What Are the Things You Need to Know About Floor Mirrors?

The accessory’s name explains its placement and purpose. A floor mirror is a decorative element you put on the ground. You don’t hang it on the wall. Some units are freestanding, so they only require leaning against the chosen side. It’s easy to move this accessory, although caution is necessary to avoid breaking it.

It’s common that floor mirrors show your entire body's reflection. You won’t find them in small sizes since large dimensions are necessary to see the whole appearance. As a result, the mirror also reflects more of the room. It’s successful in creating the illusion that an area looks bigger than in reality. Apart from these benefits, here’s what you should know about floor mirrors!


A Leaning Floor Mirror Isn’t the Only Option

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If you go with this accessory type, there’ll be three options available:

  • Leaning floor mirrors. These units are the most popular and easiest to place. It’s necessary to position them on the ground, but against the wall. There’s no direct connection to either, so put the mirror somewhere with little risk of someone bumping into it. Leaning accessories are excellent for creating a visual illusion of expanded space.

  • Cheval mirrors. The term originated in France, and it refers to a horse. Cheval accessories have a foundation with four legs that hold the mirror. They first made the units in Paris over 200 years ago. The products come with a tilting option, making them suitable for all user heights.

  • Standing floor mirrors. These come with a foundation that doesn’t have legs. However, the stand holds the mirror in place. Unlike leaned units, these are usually available at a straight angle.

Regardless of the type, you can pick from different styles and designs.


It’s Great for Narrow and Big Spaces

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The great thing about floor mirrors is there are no limits on area size. This accessory is tall and narrow, making it suitable for any space. You can place it between the windows, in the living room, in a hallway, or in any other zone.

Despite this, you should check the dimensions available in the designated spot. Once you know how much room you have for the mirror, it’ll be easy to find the ideal unit. While assessing the product’s measurements, consider the size with and without the frame.


What’s the Usual Height of Floor Mirrors?

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Most experts agree that you should go with floor mirrors shorter than 48 inches. Otherwise, you risk not seeing your entire appearance.

If you want the mirror to throw an aesthetic power punch and be the area’s focal point, go with at least a 60-inch height. These tall mirrors will visually extend the space while giving you the option of seeing your complete reflection. As for the width, it could be anywhere from 15 to 30 inches or more. Consider the placement area and confirm it can fit the designated spot.


The Question of the Desired Shape

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The two most common forms include a rectangle and a circle. Round mirrors are a popular modern shape for contemporary decors. A rectangular mirror shape is more traditional and fits classic areas.

If you are aiming for uniqueness, consider stepping away from standard forms. Irregular and unusual shapes are excellent for boosting the area’s decoration. For example, a floral pattern is a fine addition to a bright and cheerful room. Industrial designs will accommodate unusual shapes well. They are an excellent way to make a personal statement and decorate the area to fit your style.


A Huge Frame Selection Is Available

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While you can pick from multiple glass shapes, the actual array of choices lies in different frames. Depending on the model, you’ll find different materials and finishes. For example, a wrought iron mirror is a durable and versatile option for all decors.

A silver frame is another common choice suitable for modern and contemporary styles. You can go for a gold antique floor mirror for a luxury touch to a traditional design. And there’s the frameless option, although it’s usually available only for the leaning type.

While considering the finish, assess the mirror’s thickness. The general rule is that thin glass is more prone to breaking. But a thick glass combined with a similar finish could seem bulky, primarily in minimalistic décor.


Where Can You Put Floor Mirrors?

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These accessories are versatile, but they might not be the best choice for the bathroom. It’s because they take up too much space, and wall mirrors seem more functional in that area. Another thing to consider is to avoid putting the accessory close to the door. You’ll risk bumping and breaking it when entering the room. Ensure there’s a safe distance from the door when placing the mirror.

As for the areas where you could put this accessory, here are the top choices:

  • Entryways. First, it’s convenient to check yourself out before leaving the house. But there’s the aesthetic factor since floor mirrors could visually extend a narrow hallway.

  • Living rooms. Oversized units are an excellent fit for these areas. You have vast options for placing them. It ranges between big windows, below large appliances like the ACs, or opposite the entrance. 

  • Bedrooms. An antique gold mirror could be the perfect combo with your dresser. It’ll look stylish and luxurious while delivering the necessary functionality. You’ll be able to check how your outfit looks as soon as you try it.

Don’t forget the floor mirrors are large enough to be the focal point of any area. If you don’t want them to attract too much attention, place other decorative elements around the units. You can use tropical trees, vines, artwork, etc.


Is It Hard to Keep Floor Mirrors Clean?

3 Easy Ways to Clean a Mirror

Each glass surface requires standard maintenance to keep it in good condition. The first step is to protect the mirror from people bumping into it. Any item thrown or dropped onto the glass surface could scratch or damage it. If you plan on moving the object, be careful and ask for a helping hand. The size will make it hard to move the unit individually.

It’s imperative to keep the unit dry. Water on glass surfaces means stains, so you don’t want any drops falling on the mirror. You shouldn’t even use wet clothes to wipe the unit, or you’ll end up with marks all over the product. Another consideration is that placing the hand on the glass surface also leads to stains.

If you notice dirt, don’t remove it with your fingers. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth. For persistent stains, consider dipping a tissue in wax and kerosene. You can find oil-absorbing fabrics to give the surface additional brightness.


How Much Do Floor Mirrors Cost?

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High-quality oversized floor mirrors could cost anywhere from $750 to $2,000 or more. The average is around $1,000 to $1,500. It’s best to determine your budget first and look for a unit that fits that range later.

Many factors affect mirror prices. Glass thickness, frame material, and design are the primary factors. Standard shapes are usually more affordable.


Tips to Decorate with Floor Mirrors

51 Full Length Mirrors to Flatter Your Decor and Your Outfits

Do you need ideas for decorating an area where you plan to place this mirror? Check out the following expert tips for inspiration:

  • Put a white mirror on the same wall color. If you want a bright design in the bedroom, combine light shades. You can pick a white frame for the mirror and put it on the wall featuring the same color.

  • Reflect windows for more natural sunlight. If you lack illumination in the area, this is a great idea. Put the mirror opposite the window to reflect the sunlight. It’ll deliver natural illumination and make the room brighter.

  • Make sure it reflects focal room points and colorful items. Do you have a giant chandelier in the living room? A floor mirror that reflects it can be the perfect visual addition to the décor.


Final Thoughts

Does a floor mirror seem like the perfect option for your home? If you set your mind to it, your task is to identify the ideal unit. You’ll find dozens of units in online stores. It’s up to you to pick between a leaning gold mirror or alternative options. They should fit your style and décor. Once you pick the desired unit, it’s easy to order it online. The store will deliver it to your doorstep in perfect condition, so there’s no worry about transport. Don’t hesitate to find a mirror perfect for your home and order it today!